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Sejal Chougule

console.log("Hello world !!!")
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Interested in hiring me?

At the moment, I am available Full-Time position

I am available for Backend/Full-stack/SDE level position as of now.I have been lucky and grateful to have worked on various projects with small team. It had enabled me to assume various roles within each project which includes Back-end Engineer, Front-end Engineer, Devops Engineer etc. Working in multiple roles (mostly simultaneously), has enabled me to understand different parts of Technology stacks .

Striving to work for exciting start-up.
Preferred roles :- Software developer(Backend/Full-stack)
I lack Designing Skills(UI/UX).But I fill that gap with Bootstrap,Materialize or something similar. Will be working on it in the near future.

Click here for my Resume.


Ever want to discuss some tech or kickass idea give me a shout at