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Sejal Chougule

console.log("Hello world !!!")
console.log(" ♥ tech ")

A selected list of projects that I have contributed to or have made. Many more can be found out over at my Github profile.

Project Index


tocstack is Cloud Platform as a Service for fast application deployment using git.
It helps developers to seamlessly create, manage and deploy web applications,microservices,REST api etc.App created on tocstack is directly linked to a subdomain
Developers can use tocstack as a auto-devops tool on their own-platform(AWS, Azure).
More details about the platform and demo can be found at
Fork my project to extend the functionality of platform Fork

</>Technology stacks used :- nodeJS, mongoDB ,vueJs , nGinx , Digital Ocean


library usage and demo

        var uber = require("uberapi")

        var uber_client = new uber({

              client_id: "",
              client_secret: "",
              server_token: ""


        uber.getproducts(37.7752315, -122.418075, function (res) {

JSON response for above mentioned method

    "products": [{
        "upfront_fare_enabled": true,
        "capacity": 4,
        "product_id": "83941b0d-4be1-4979-a9c0-f0af5ee2b89b",
        "image": "http:\/\/\/car-types\/mono\/mono-ubergo.png",
        "cash_enabled": true,
        "shared": false,
        "short_description": "uberGO",
        "display_name": "uberGO",
        "product_group": "uberx",
        "description": "Smaller. Smarter. Cheaper."
    }, {
        "upfront_fare_enabled": true,
        "capacity": 4,
        "product_id": "a2b80c84-8d64-4c20-b731-6bf07d32cc9a",
        "image": "http:\/\/\/car-types\/mono\/mono-uberx.png",
        "cash_enabled": true,
        "shared": false,
        "short_description": "uberX",
        "display_name": "uberX",
        "product_group": "uberx",
        "description": "THE LOW-COST UBER"

uberjs is a simple nodejs library to integrate UBER services in web-applications uberjs is freely available at Github and npm. uberjs lets developers use UBER API directly as function. Detailed documentation for UBER API can be found here

</>Technology stacks used :- nodeJS, Requests module

Mail Train

Mail train is a simple email server/messaging service
Project was carried out as a part of weekend hack-project , later I was motivated by the idea of having my own emailserver which can also be used as a messaging platform , after finishing up of major part of back-end I started building android app for the same .


</>Technology stacks used :- nodeJS, JAVA , mongoDB ,MEAN stack , Express , HEROKU (PaaS) , Android , Retrofit , mongoose , body-parser

Future upgrades


mobyStore is simple a simple RESTful service to manage online mobile store.
Once user is authenticated user can add,view,update delete and search items in the database
mobyStore can be used as REST api service by users and can be integrated with mobile/web apps seamlessly

</>Technology stacks used :- nodeJS, mongoDB ,MEAN stack , Express , HEROKU (PaaS) , mongoose , body-parser

Future upgrades


S.P.A.C.E is a simple android app with 3 functionalities

</>Technology stacks used :- JAVA, Android ,google Speech API , Microsoft translator API

Future upgrades


instaMob is a simple android app lets user share pics along with tags and discription
Changes made to instaMob databse and image storage are instantly reflected in app in realtime

</>Technology stacks used :- Android, JAVA ,Firebase , Retrofit , Picasso

Future upgrades

Ever want to discuss some tech or kickass idea give me a shout at